Five Star Roof Care

Introduction to tile roof repairs


Roof Cleaning Survey

Step 1 starts with a visual survey of your roof

Our site managers photograph areas of your tiled roof that require repairs, we go through the photographs from the roof inspection with the homeowner. All tiled roofs require an inspection to assess the quality and condition of the roof, most damage cannot be seen from the ground.

Many of our clients homes are next to golf fairways high velocity golf ball impacts will shatter roof tiles and in some cases drive the sharp pieces of the roof tile into the underlayment sheet, if the roof tiles are not fixed the underlayment sheet will eventually degrade which will lead to a failure of the roof, water ingress will result,
a failiure to maintain the roofs integrity can lead to more costly repairs than necessary.

picture of roof tile damage
Damage caused by high velocity golf ball strike The impact zone showing the impact point After Repairs

Maintain your roof tiles

Step 2. If the survey has highlighted areas requiring attention, maintenance work will be carried out prior to the roof cleaning process.

Roof tiles differ from each manufacturer, when replacing tiles we match the style and color from the original architectural specifications.

Other areas of the roof that may require attention are tiles that have slipped due to inadequate or improper fixing, this is very common around vents where tiles have been cut and the fixing holes have been removed. We repair broken, slipped and loose tiles. Broken tiles are repaired with a 1 part roof tile adhesive color matched to the tile, bonded repairs are guaranteed for the life of the tile

roof tile before repair roof tile after repair
A damaged tile before and after our bonding process, these type of bonded repairs are guaranteed for the life of the tile
tile damage golf balls
Roof Tile Repairs on an old Duntex roof, Chlorine roof cleaning mixes rot the tile fixings leading to extensive damage
Tilr roof repairs bradenton florida
Tile Hip repairs showing the roof before repairs and after the pointing repairs and the roof cleaning
tile roof repairs to wall abutment
Tile repairs to wall abutment, showing the tiles before and after repairs and roof cleaning
roof tile before and after repair
Typical workmanship around vents, the tile has been poorly cut and was not fixed in place, the pointing around the vent was also poorly done
Roof Cleaning in The River CLub

Step3. Roof Cleaning, we offer a variety of roof cleaning services that are all plant safe and roof safe.

CAUTION: Roof Cleaning mixes containing chlorine should never be sprayed onto a tiled roof, roof underlayments and steel fixings including the eaves enclosure will be permanently damaged by Chlorine. A far safer and more effective long term approach to maintaining a clean roof is to use Bio-Foam Barrier™ Roof protection coatings. The KC Group are an authorized applicator.

Our roof tile maintenance services are available for residents of Sarasota Bradenton and Tampa:
Roof Tile repairs, Roof tile matching, Roof Tile replacements, Roof tile pointing, Roof tile cutting, Roof repairs to the underlayment sheet, Roof flashings. Roof Tile Painting.

biofoam barrier

Our online gallery page shows a number of local high value properties that have benefitted from our 5 STAR roof care service.
A Bio-Foam Barrier™ maintenance program provides long term protection against roof algae.


Roof Cleaning picture Gallery

Roof Cleaning before and after photographs

roof cleaning before and after photograph

Our thorough & professional approach to long term roof care has made us the preferred contractor in a number of exclusive developments including The Country Club, The River Club, Greenbrook Village, The Meadows, Tara Preserve, Waterlefe, GreyHawk Landing, The Sanctuary, Panther Ridge, Tuscana to name a few.

tom richards quote

Our SMALL WORKS division takes care of all other non roof related cleaning,
visit the small works page for further information on the following services.

small works division paver sealing services sarasota bradenton pressure cleaning services sarasota bradenton florida concrete and paver surface cleaning and grouting

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Our full range of roof maintenance services includes the following,
Roof Tile Repairs, Roof Tile Matching,Roof Flashings, Roof Tile Pointing, Roof Tile replacements and Roof Tile Cutting
We recommend Bio-Foam Barrier Roof Protection Coatings