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A quality residential mobile screen repair and Re-Screening maintenance company, providing a full range of pool cage screen and pool cage maintenance services for customers in Sarasota, Manatee and Tampa Florida.

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Tips on Maintaining your Pool Cage and Screens.

Screen panels
All pool enclosures require periodic maintenance to keep them safe and secure, Insect screen panels that get damaged by animals birds or pets can be replaced individually.

Insect screen panels are affected by U.V. light and over a period of time they get very brittle and will start to tear easily, if your insect screens look silver it means they are ready to be replaced. KC Screening only use Phifer insect screen to rescreen your pool cage, Phifer Insect Screen is manufactured in the U.S.A and is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 Years.

Insect screens can be professionally cleaned to remove pollen, green algae and pine needles safely and without damage to the screens call us if you would like to have your screens professionally cleaned.

Structural Aluminum Frames & Fixings
Chlorine and salt water from the pool water will rot away the steel fixings securing the aluminium pool cage to the deck, this can cause structural weakness making your cage at risk of collapse during a storm.

It may be necessary on some older cages to swap out the old rusted fittings securing the deck frames and replace them with stainless steel screws. Call us if you would like to have a quotation to swap out the screws on your pool cage.

CAUTION: Chlorine also rusts the small screws that hold the frame sections together these should checked and replaced whenever necessary.

Types of Insect Screen
Phifer offers several different types of insect screen, the standard charcoal insect screen is the most widely used but there are also specialist screen materials like those listed below.

Pet Resistant Insect Screen
Made from a strong vinyl polyester this pet resistant screen looks very similar to standard screen but is far stronger and almost impossible to tear, many customers with pets choose this type of insect screen for the lower sections of their pool enclosure.

Metal Insect Screens
Insect screen is also available in bronze and stainless steel, ask us for more information on the full range of screen products that we can install for you.

Screen repairs and Re-Screening Services
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"How can I improve the look of my pool cage"?

There are several ways you can improve the look of your pool cage.

KC Screening technicians can swap out the old rusted fittings and replace them with specialist ceramic coated or stainless steel fittings. Swapping out the old rusted screws instantly and dramatically improves the overall look and feel of older cages.

KC Painting technicians can also re-spray your pool cage frame in a specialist paint coating designed for Aluminum Frames, the frame coating comes in a wide variety of colours so you are no longer limited to having a bronze or white pool cage frame. Painting and Re-screening your pool cage is a cost effective way of maintaining it.

KC Screening technicians can give you more advice on structural or cosmetic enhancements to your screened pool cage.

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frame coatings


Specialist paint finishes for aluminium pool cages

If you have an old aluminum pool cage frame where the paint is flaking off or getting very thin we can respray it with a specialist aluminum frame coating.

Aluminum Frame Coatings are available in a range of standard or custom colors, standard colors are white or bronze, custom colors are virtually unlimited. If you live in a deed restricted neighborhood your choice of color may be limited to white or bronze, check with your H.O.A before committing to a specific color.

Painting your aluminum pool cage or lanai frame and re-screening with high quality Phifer insect screening is a cost effective way of extending the life of your aluminum pool enclosure. Phifer insect screen come with a 10yr Manufacturers warranty.

The picture on the right shows a standard white pool cage frame which has been sprayed in a bronze satin finish.

The deck screws and frame screws were swapped out before spraying and with new insect screen installed it really does look like a brand new cage for far less than it would have cost to take down and install a new bronze pool enclosure.

KC screening technicians can provide further helpful advice and tips on how to keep your aluminum pool cage and insect screening panels clean and looking as good as new.

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Fitting Privacy and U.V. screens to pool cages and lanais

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Privacy screening is the ideal choice for those that wish to have a little more privacy than the standard insect screening provides, it offers a contemporary diffused light transmission similar to frosted glass.

Privacy screening is also ideal for people who are sensitive to U.V as it blocks out most of the harmful U.V whilst still allowing a high degree of light transmission.

Changing the lower panels of your pool cage to privacy screening can give you complete confidence that nobody is watching you when you are sunbathing or swimming.

Privacy screening is a high quality alternative which can be cleaned and maintained in the same way as standard insect screening, privacy screening fits all standard aluminum pool cage and lanai frames.

Fitting privacy screens to pool cages helps to keep unwanted eyes from prying into your back yard, it also offers a better growing environment for plant lovers as direct sunlight is kept off the plant pot or container.

For customers concerned about U.V. damage there is a range of sun control screens that will block up to 80% of harmful U.V rays, Changing the roof panels in a pool cage will provide overhead sun protection allowing children to play safely in the pool area all day.

U.V. control screens can be installed in standard pool cage and lanai frame and are useful for reducing early morning glare and protecting interior fabrics and furniture from being faded by the suns rays.


How to clean your pool cage

If you live near a lake or are surrounded by trees your pool cage and insect screen panels will get covered by green algae blooms. The pool cage screen panels can be cleaned using our soft wash cleaning process that does not damage the insect screens. If your pool cage, insect screens and pool deck are in need of cleaning and you do not wish to do it yourself KC Cleanings' Small Works Division can assist you

Our Pool Cage and Deck Cleaning Services Can Restore Most Surfaces To As New Condition.

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Paver pool decks are a popular choice in florida, whilst they may look good at the start they require a lot of cleaning and maintenance to stay looking good.

The open joints in pavers attract weeds, insects and mold. Up until now most people have been using masons or builders sand to fill in the joints, unfortunately the heavy rain in Florida washes out lightweight sands leaving the paver joints open to collect dirt and mold.

Creating durable low maintenance finishes for paver pool decks is one of a range of paver finishing services that the KC Group provide for our customers.

KC Paver Grout is a polymer modified hard setting paver joint that doesn't wash out with rain, it looks natural and is safe for use around pools. Visit the Paver Grouting page or Paver Sealing page for more information.

NEW KC Paver Grout™ fills in all the cracks and crevices in your paver driveway or pool deck, KC paver grout is a hard setting joint that, doesn't wash out with rain.

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