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How To Lay Thin Pavers On Pool Decks

This section provides information useful if you are considering laying thin pavers over an existing concrete pool deck.

This paver pool deck was originally laid in 2003, for whatever reason the contractor chose not to complete the raised area around the spa.

The customer contacted us to enquire about having her pool deck and driveway grouted and during the course of the conversation asked whether we could complete the raised area around the spa.

Prior to committing to undertaking the work we ascertained what paver manufacturer originally supplied the pavers and then checked with them to see if the same pattern and style were still available.

After confirming that the pavers were still being produced we proceeded to remove the loose pebbles and prepare the sub base for the laying of the new paver deck.

laying thin pavers over concrete pool decks
The paver pool deck was laid in a random pattern comprising of two distinct colors, Cream and Amaretto, we followed the same random style as the existing deck to complete the paved area around the spa. The finished deck blends in with the existing paved lower deck so well that the eye does not pick up the minor differences in the colors between the two decks. This type of quality paver matching and blending requires knowledge, expertise and an eye for detail.
laying thin pavers over concrete decks in sarasota


Thin pavers may seem a cost effective way of giving your pool deck a radical makeover, there are however important factors to consider and certain rules that must be observed if you want to maintain a healthy outdoor paved living space.

If you are thinking of laying thin pavers over an existing concrete deck in Florida then the most important aspect to consider is water drainage. Surface water drainage on paver pool decks is usually handled via a grated channel which runs around the perimeter and sometimes through sections of the pool deck. These channels transport excess surface rainwater to the outside edge of the pool deck where the rainwater can drain into the surrounding soil.

This handles excess surface water but what about the water that goes through the joints between the pavers what happens to that?. The old concrete deck will not allow water to drain through it like a sand base so unless there is another strategy to manage rain water it will simply collect under the pavers and cause problems with mold and algae.

Paver Grout offers a unique solution to managing this problem, by creating a water impermeable deck, the surface water is prevented from getting under the pavers and is transported via the grade or slope of the deck to the nearest drainage channel.

Drainage problems may still occur if the existing grade is either sloping the wrong way or not draining properly for some other reason. It is especially important that the contractor considers the existing grade of the concrete deck and modifies it so that the pavers slope towards the installed drainage points.

We recommend contractors develop a rainwater management strategy and accurately set out on the plans the grades required to transport rain water away from the property. With the correct drainage in place our Paver Grouting and sealing system will create a water impermeable deck that will not collect dirt, mold or algae and not allow weeds to grow.

Paver Grout is the architectural grade jointing system for residential paved areas if it is used in conjunction with a properly laid thin paver pool deck it will create a long lasting attractive surface finish that always looks its best.

For more information on how to lay a thin paver pool deck over concrete call our offices and ask to speak to one of our paver consultants.

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How to lay Travertine pool deck pavers

how to lay travertine pol deck pavers

Travertine and natural stone pavers are a popular choice for pool decks in Florida. They are usually loose laid on sand and butted together with little or no space left for grout, these small cracks and openings create a perfect place for dirt to collect and for weeds to start growing.

Paver Grout recommend that you use their specialist Travertine tile spacer to allow for a proper joint to be formed.

Laying Travertine is similar to laying pavers once the base sand is compacted the copings can be bonded in place with a thin set adhesive, the pavers can then be laid loose on the sand base and tapped down to bed them in.

Using the Paver Grout spacer we can create a low maintenance weed free surface that will stay looking clean.

Travertine pool decks should be sealed with a high quality stone sealer such as DuPont's Enhancer Pro to protect the surface and to prevent it from being damaged.

Travertine pavers come in a variety of grades and sizes, it is worth looking at several samples before you decide which color to order.

How To Professionally Finish Paver and Travertine Driveways

Paver driveways can be a headache for homeowners as they require constant cleaning to look their best. There are several ways to improve the look of a paver driveways, one of the most effective way of improving the look of your paver driveway is to have it grouted, the example below is one of our driveways that has been grouted with our Light Tan epoxy Paver Grout.

Paver Grout fills in all the cracks and joints and because it bonds to the pavers it creates a far stronger paver surface one that is less prone to drifting or subsiding. Paver Grout helps to prevent weeds from growing in between the joints making it less of a headache to manage and maintain.

We seal Paver Grout driveways and pool decks to protect the surface from environmental staining and other contamination from oil, gum and other household substances.

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