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Painting and Decorating company, serving residents in Sarasota and Bradenton Florida. KC Painting put an emphasis on delivering quality of service, materials and finishing. KC Painters and Decorators are used to working in high value homes where quality and attention to detail are important.


How to clean the exterior of your house for painting

Painters in Bradenton and Sarasota should always thoroughly clean and de-grease exterior surfaces prior to application of the new paint. Algae and mold must be removed or the new paint will not bond correctly and will flake off after a short period of time. KC painting power wash your exterior even if it looks clean to ensure that the surface is ready for painting, surfaces must be thoroughly dry before painting can start.

Painting exterior wooden fascia and trim

Exterior wooden surfaces will invariably rot, usually around butt and corner joints where moisture is allowed into the end grain, there is absolutely no point painting over damp patches of wooden fascia, the timber will continue to rot underneath and the new paint will flake off. Rotten or soft timbers should be cut out and replaced and all joints properly sealed before being primed and protected with a fresh coat of paint.

Commercial clients Include Manatee Chamber of Commerce, Turner Tree and Landscaping, The Sun Trust Bank Bradenton and Riverside Property Management Company and Sapphire Construction among others

Within a year of painting your Bradenton or Sarasota home will start to attract mud daubers, wasp nests, hornets nests and other insect life particularly the soffits and front entrance. Mud Daubers nests are very damaging to painted surfaces, they leave a nasty stain which will not come clean and will need to be touched up with paint. KC Painting recommend that you regularly pressure clean the exterior and keep a small amount of the house paint color in reserve for touching up mud dauber stains.

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Exterior Painting Warranty

KC Painting services provide an optional follow up maintenance program which guarantees to keep your Bradenton or Sarasota home stain free for a period of 10 years.

Customers qualify for one visit per year for touch up work. The stain free maintenance program is optional and can be added to your quotation.

10 year warranty


Concrete pool decks in Bradenton or Sarasota can be painted with specialist pool deck paints, there are several different types of pool deck paints and stains on the market but not all are compatible with each other. We always test the existing surface to determine which paint will be most compatible for your pool deck.

Stress cracks in concrete stucco pool decks can be filled with an elastomeric acrylic caulk, other surface defects such as chips and holes can be repaired prior to painting.

Pool deck paints have special additives which help protect them from the chlorine and other chemicals in your pool, not all exterior paints are suitable for use on pool decks. Our painters have painted many pool decks in Sarasota and Bradenton and they are well qualified to advise you which paints are the most suitable for your pool deck

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Most people use builders sand to fill the cracks between pavers, the heavy rain in Florida washes lightweight sands straight down the driveway or into the swimming pool where it clogs up the filters and pumps. If you have a paver pool deck or driveway then you can transform it by using Paver Grout.

NEW Paver Grout™ fills in all the cracks and crevices in your paver driveway or pool deck, Paver Grout™ is a hard setting permanent joint that, doesn't wash out with rain, it can be colour matched to suit any deck or driveway paver.



Paver Grout™ is an architechtural grade low maintenance solution for paver pool decks and driveways.

Paver grout™ can significantly transform paved areas making them easy to keep clean and more attractive to look at.

Sealing pavers helps to protect them from U.V and environmental staining. There are several different types of solvent and water based paver sealers on the market but not all are suitable for use on Florida pavers find out why by visiting our paver sealer page.

We always test any existing paver sealer to determine which sealer will be most compatible for your paver pool deck or driveway.

Sealing pavers helps to protect the surface as well as bringing out the colour of the paver, finishes range from flat finish to a "wet look".

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frame coatings


Specialist paint finishes for aluminium pool cages

Old aluminum pool cage frames can be re-coated, Aluminum Frame Coatings are available in a range of standard or custom colors. Standard colors are bronze and white but any color can be mixed to give you a custom look to your pool enclosure.

Painting your aluminum cage frame and re-screening with high quality Phifer insect screening is a cost effective way of extending the life and enhancing the look of your aluminum pool enclosure. Phifer insect screen come with a 10yr Manufacturers warranty.

The picture on the right shows a standard white pool cage frame which has been spray painted with a bronze satin enamel finish.

The deck screws and frame screws were replaced before spraying and with new screen installed it really does look like a brand new cage at a fraction of the cost of installing a new bronze aluminum frame.

KC screening technicians can provide further helpful advice and tips on how to keep your aluminum pool cage and insect screening panels clean and looking as good as new.

We recommend that customers regularly inspect the screws, particularly the deck bolts, if the deck bolts rot away the structural integrity of the pool cage becomes compromised and may cause it to collapse under high wind loads.

specialist frame coatings for aluminum pool cages


KC Painters prepare surfaces prior to painting and this work can include filling of holes and dents, patching of drywall, texture repairs and removal of popcorn from ceilings.

Interior walls can be painted by spray or roller depending on the requirements of the client. Additional masking work is required for all spray on applications and therefore the price of the job is higher than manual rolling. Regardless of which method you prefer our price will include protection and covering of all surfaces prior to works commencing and clean up and removal of waste at the end of the project.

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If you are looking for something a little more creative or dramatic for an interior space you may wish to consider paint finishes, trompe l'oeil or murals to enhance or define a living space.

KC Painting have the very best faux and mural artist in Bradenton and Sarasota, The picture on the left is a classic example of one of his hand painted trompe l'oeil niches, the painted niche provides a central focus on what was previously just a plain wall.

Another example seen below is a hand painted landscape mural complete with arched columns, a balcony overlooking the sea and mountains in the background.

The incredible detail and rich colors take your breath away and bring a new energy into the room transforming a plain flat wall into a room with an ocean view.

If you are considering commissioning a painted wall mural we offer a free consultation with the mural artist and our interior designer Kara Leckie.


KC Painting organise and manages the preparation of the room. Most walls will have to be primed in a special primer, all holes are filled and sanded before the walls are primed.

The primer coat will help to give a smooth surface for the artist to start work. At the end of the project we inspect the work with the client and after it is approved we apply a sealer coat to protect the artwork from damage.

If the room requires some re-modelling work KC Interiors
can organise and manage additional trades to ensure that your mural project is completed with as little disruption as possible.

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Roof Painting and Cleaning Sarasota

Roof painting can make your roof look brand new again at a fraction of the cost of replacing roof tiles. In addition to a better looking home some specialist roof coatings will actually reflect heat and thereby lower your AC costs. Our roof painting services are available for residents living in Sarasota and Bradenton Florida.

Our KC Roof Cleaning division take care of the cleaning and preparation of the roof. When the roof is ready our roof painting crew will spray on a coat of either a high quality acrylic roof paint or one of the specialist ceramic reflective coatings. Quality Workmanship from Florida's leading roof painting specialist.

Some properties suit bold colors on the roof line like the houses below in Sarasota and Bradenton. Roof painting can give a house a distinctive character and appeal that cannot be achieved any other way.

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