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roof cleaning monthly newsletterMay 2011




When I first came to America from the U.K 3 years ago I can remember being astounded at some of the commercial practices that were going on here.

One of the things that caught my attention in particular was chemical roof cleaning, the sight of a man on a roof, wearing a gas mask and spraying chlorine over it stayed in my mind, it was one of the most bizzare things I had ever witnessed.

I took it upon myself over the next several months to talk to as many prospective customers as I could, I wanted to find out exactly what was going on. Over 98% of the people that I spoke to had either had a negative view or had a bad experience with a chemical roof cleaning contractor.

The reason cited in all cases was damage to landscaping, in particular plants, hedges and flower beds. Roof cleaning contractors were obviously not concerned about the environmental affects of the chemicals they were using and how that was affecting the perception of the general public.

The roof cleaning industry was clearly not putting the needs of its customers first and by doing so was breaking the single most important rule in business.

Most chemical roof cleaning contractors will tell you that they don't want any regulation or a Florida State License, that they are happy with the way things are. If that is the case they are clearly also saying that they do not care about the environment.

Most right minded people would consider it sensible to regulate any business which had a negative impact on the environment. Florida which is sitting on and surrounded by water has no such state license to control or regulate the roof cleaning industry.

Stop for a second and start talking to your customers and find out what they truly want, if they want a green service then educate yourself as to how that can be achieved and then learn how to deliver it in a commercially viable way.

I can guarantee that when you learn how to put the customer first your business will flourish.

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