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QA Green certification

green certification for roof cleaningspacerBut don't take our word for it see for yourself.
Whenever there is a massive shift in social culture there are companies that ride the edge of the wave, and there are those that wait to see what will happen next, which one are you?

This article is about getting you to think about the transition between roof cleaning as it is done now and how roof cleaning will be done in the future.

How do we know what the future will be like?

The answer is research and market trends, there is a wealth of information from top social and economic forecasters which indicates that the green economy is growing at an unprecedented rate. We use this information to guide our decisions about how and what we invest in for the future.

Right now the KC Group are working on a natural biological enzyme solution that will eat Gloeocapsa Magma the roof algae that causes the black stains on roofs. The product will have a zero toxicological and environmental impact.

How far are we away from a working solution? I would estimate about 2 years, so why are we investing in something that will not give us any return for a few years? The answer is the U.S economy, U.S interest rates are set low and will remain low for several years. There is no point leaving cash in the bank it will only devalue, we may as well speculate and invest in the future.

We have conducted our own research into what customers want as far as roof cleaning is concerned we have not just taken the word of forecasters and analysts. It is obvious to us that a green certification program is an essential mechanism to allow bona fide contractors that are committed to being green access to like minded customers.

The Clean4life green certification for roof cleaning will allow you to put your business at the forefront of the green movement in roof cleaning. Making this kind of strategic move in advance of everyone else puts you in a very strong position to benefit commercially during the transitional period.

The new green economic landscape will be challenging and you will need more than a high ranking on Google to survive. Customers are becoming more educated about what chemicals are being used and there is too much independent scientific evidence to suggest that Chlorine roof cleaning should be phased out for health, safety and environmental reasons.

If Chlorine roof cleaning is no longer an option what next? do you wait for that moment to decide or do you act now and get ahead of the game.

The KC group invested in Green Certification for roof cleaning because we know what is coming in the future. Join us in becoming green certified and we will show you how that can dramatically position you at the forefront of the green roof cleaning revolution.

Find out how the clean4life campaign has forced Chris Tucker and the RCIA to look for more environmentally safer alternatives to chlorine. The KC Group have recently won several bids over Apple Roof Cleaning because we are QA Green Certified and (at the time or writing this article) Apple Roof Cleaning don't offer anything other than Chlorine Bleach Washing.

Despite the huge opposition that certain members of the RCIA bought to bear on the Clean4life campaign and the KC Group they are slowly realizing that it is not important what they think, it is what the customer thinks that is important.

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