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Bad financial management is the direct cause of many of the problems we are now experiencing in the economy, somebody once told me that a golden rule in financial management was never spend more than you earn, so what has gone wrong with the U.S Economy?

The U.S Government has been responsible for overspending to the tune of $12.4 Trillion, thats 12,400,000,000,000. The ability of the government to repay just the interest on this amount of debt is not at all clear and this causes uncertainty in the markets.

In january's news letter I hinted that the US Dollar was in danger of losing it's coveted role as the world's reserve currency. This week Standard & Poor the company which assigns ratings to guide investors on the risks involved in buying debt, slapped a negative outlook on the country's AAA top-notch credit rating and said there was at least a one-in-three chance that it could eventually cut it.

It concerns me to think that the U.S one of the most powerful countries in the world has been run so badly that our children's, children will still be paying for our financial mistakes. Future generations will also become responsible for sorting out many of the environmental problems that we have created. Where is the common sense, the accountability, and where is the vision that got us here?.

As a company we are investing heavily in research and development of green alternatives to Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide, my vision for the KC Roof Cleaning division is "Chlorine Free". The clean4life.net website is a valuable resource for information on green roof cleaning.

Bio-Foam Barrier algae prevention program is a far more environmentally responsible solution to the problem of roof algae. I encourage roof cleaning contractors to look into the benefits and advantages of becoming green certified and then consider joining the QA Green Certification Program.

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