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Science Behind

Whether we like it or not Biotechnology will have a significant impact on the "No Pressure" "soft wash" Roof Cleaning industry.

In my opinion the future for the roof cleaning industry rests in finding ways to use Biotechnology instead of relying on Toxic Chemicals to eliminate the cause of such problems as roof Algae.

I am not about to wade into the argument about the best way to clean a roof, I am simply saying why clean it in the first place.

By developing ways of keeping Algae from growing on roofs we can turn the roof cleaning industry from being a provider of cleaning solutions to being a provider of barrier solutions and this will open up some great opportunities for business owners that are prepared to change with the times.

Given the choice the majority of consumers would rather pick a green roof cleaning option providing that it was at the same price and achieved the same objectives.

In Stark contrast the unregulated roof cleaning industry is driven by the consumption of toxic roof cleaning chemicals which are extremely damaging to the environment.

The majority of roof cleaners use Chlorine & Sodium Hydroxide in so called "No Pressure" or "Soft Wash"roof cleaning and it is not uncommon to use 30-50 gallons or more to clean an average roof.

Conservative estimates suggest that over 3,500,000 Gallons of toxic roof cleaning chemicals are being dumped into the ground by "Soft Wash" roof cleaning contractors every year. In my opinion this Gun-Ho, Gi-Joe kind of thinking has to change.

if consumers attitudes and opinions have changed then the roof cleaning industry has to adapt accordingly and find ways of using Biotechnology to develop and engineer more environmentally responsible solutions for their customers.

If consumers are already thinking "Green" then why are roof cleaning companies still pushing "No Pressure" Chemical Roof Cleaning?. Because they have a vested interest in keeping their business going, cheap and accessible chemicals such as Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide are a fast and easy way to make money, there is no doubt about that.

Green Roof Cleaning fact or fiction?
QA Certification logoIf you are fortunate enough to live in some of the more exclusive developments in the Florida region then you will know that the homeowners associations enforce strict policies regarding roof cleaning.

In general most homeowners have been misled into believing that chemicals are the only solution to the problem. The people responsible for spreading this propoganda are the very roof cleaning companies that rely on chemicals for their business.

If you look at how a tiled roof is constructed you will see that pressure cleaning a tiled roof with water is not only a safe and effective method but is also completely harmless to surrounding vegetation and wildlife. These are the facts that support pressure cleaning tiled roofs in conjunction with a biofoam barrier as an environmentally sound way forward for the industry.

The simple truth in the debate of Pressure cleaning vs Chemical cleaning is that pressure cleaning is a dirty job, it's physically demanding and time consuming and it's a hard way to earn a living, a far easier and more profitable alternative is to dump a load of Chlorine or Sodium Hydroxide on the roof and then walk away...same money, less time, minimal effort.

In my opinion the whole roof cleaning industry has been steered by lazy thinking and the lure of easy money, the side effects of unregulated large scale chemical dumping on the ecology and inhabitants of the local environment have never been considered.

I do not believe that we can continue to ignore the accumulative effects of chemicals on our environment we must consider alternative approaches that reduce our dependancy on Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide.

Prevention is a more effective, more environmentally responsible and more appropriate long term solution to the problem of roof algae control. It will use less volume and lower concentrations than cleaning and within a few years as more effective barrier solutions are developedwe can eventually reduce the environemntal impact that roof cleaning has to zero.

BioFoam Barrier™ is our version of prevention and our contribution to a healthier and "Greener" environment.

Green Certification is a must have for any Industry, we can transform the roof cleaning industry if we are prepared to embrace Green Certification and use Biotechnology to develop more environmentally responsible solutions for our customers. Biofoam Barrier™ is a step in the right direction and as they say "every journey starts with a single step".

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