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roof cleaning industry newsletterseptember 2011



Pressure Cleaning in the hands of a professional contractor is a perfectly safe and environmentally responsible alternative to cleaning a tiled roof.

Modern Concrete Roof tiles are safe to walk on (Contractors walk on the roof whilst installing roof tiles). Pressure cleaning does not harm roof tiles (providing you use the right pressure and tips), it will not make roofs leak, it will not blow tiles off and it will not damage the cement pointing.

Download our roof cleaning brochure to find all you need to know about how to clean a tiled roof safely. For best long term results apply a Bio-Foam Barrier coating to ensure that the algae does not return.


Non-Pressure Cleaning requires the use of chemicals, appx 30-50 gallons of either Chlorine, Sodium Hydroxide or other home made mixes of chemicals depending on which supplier you choose. Chemical cleaning kills the Algae but does not necessarily clean the tile surface in the same way as pressure cleaning does (see the pictures below).

Chemical roof cleaning leaves the surface of tiled roofs dull and lifeless, the reason for this is that the roof cleaning chemicals kill the algae but do not remove the ingrained dirt and the oxidization. Another negative aspect to chemical roof cleaning is that all the run off from these toxic chemicals goes into plant beds, lawns, AC units and eventually ends up in lakes and other water courses.

Before you discuss chemical roof cleaning with your clients be sure you understand the government health risks associated with Chlorine & Sodium Hydroxide. Read The U.S Governments toxicology reports before you make a decision.


There is nothing "Hi Tech" about "Soft Wash" Chemical Cleaning or "Non Pressure" cleaning as it is referred to, it is simply the use of chemicals to kill the Algae.

If you are able to provide both options then discuss the benefits of using a non chemical system with the customer and then allow them to make an informed choice, our experience has shown us that given an environmentally responsible alternative customers will choose NOT to have chemicals used to clean their roof 9 times out of 10.

Remember the customer is always right, if the customer is anti-chemicals then you should try and tailor a roof cleaning package that meets that need.

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