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We can all agree that we need to raise standards across the board, the biggest impediment to that is a lack of regulation.

If the only qualification for joining the industry is based on whether or not you can afford to buy a plastic tank, a length of hose and know where the nearest pool supply company is then the Industry has a difficult future.

The Industry's reputation has been so badly damaged by the careless actions of Chlorine Cowboys that it will take a long time and a substantial P.R campaign to make any difference to the consumers perception of roof cleaning as a trade.

There is no easy fix to this situation, the Industry needs to put the message out to the public that we are changing and cleaning up our act.

The ability of the RCIA to regulate their corner of the industry is clearly over stated, we are currently living in what was their vision for the future back in 1999.

I for one say No thanks, your past does not equal my future, I want something COMPLETELY different for my company's future.

Green certification will be the cornerstone for my industry of the future, at some point within the next 5 years I also want roof cleaning solutions to have a zero toxicity to plants and living organisms.

If leadership is the ability to implement plans and strategy's to arrive at a specific destination then I am leading the Industry towards Green Certification, it may not be for everyone in the present, but I assure you it will be the way things will be done in the future.

The industry is at a distinct crossroads, the changing economic climate and the increased environmental awareness of the public have culminated in a great opportunity. if we are able to identify the challenges and provide a vision of the future we can start shaping the Industry.

My strategy is to take the mistakes of the past and turn them into a valid reason for the state to investigate the benefits of a state license category for roof cleaning. With regulation in place we can slowly start to improve standards. This measure on it's own will not do anything for the Industry's reputation, changing the public perception will take a concerted PR campaign and a clear message that the Industry is cleaning up our act and going "Green".

Owning up to the mistakes of the past is part of the process of changing direction, consumers know all to well what has been going on and they are clearly receptive to a better greener future.

If this is what the customer wants then why has the chemical cleaning fraternity been slow to respond?. in my opinion it is a lack of vision. The leaders of the RCIA clearly want things to stay the same, they want the past to equal the future, unfortunately though the world has changed and they have been slow to respond to the challenges.

The writing is clearly on the wall, Chlorine is not a suitable chemical to use in the open environment and Chlorine roof cleaning will eventually be phased out in favour of more environmentally responsible alternatives.

The RCIA are responsible for where we are as an Industry right now, if you are happy with the way things are continue on, we will not stop you.

While you wait, we will be building the framework for the Industry of tomorrow. If you wish to join the future then look at the benefits of green certification by visiting the clean4Life website.

visit www.biofoambarrier.com for more information on our green certified roof clean system.
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