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Caring for the environment is at the heart of our commitment to deliver environmentally responsible cleaning solutions for our customers and we demonstrate that in our actions.

The KC Group are proud to be the first Green certified roof cleaning contractor in Florida, the Clean4Life QA (Quality Assured) green roof cleaning certification program has set the industry standard for green certification.

The KC Group are committed to green roof cleaning, we host and manage the CFRC Forum to raise awareness of green products and we actively promote sustainable green roof cleaning practices. Our exclusive Bio-Foam Barrier™ maintenance program is by far a more eco-friendly way of maintaining a clean roof.


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The KC Group have been at the forefront of the campaign to introduce a state license for roof cleaning in florida, if you wish to lend your support to the campaign visit the clean4life website and add your name to the online petition.

Roof Cleaning Chemicals particularly Chlorine Sodium Hypochlorite  and Sodium Hydroxide are extremely damaging to biological organisms. At the concentrations required for effective cleaning these chemicals have an extremely damaging effect on plants, lawns, pets, wildlife and metal building materials such as gutters fittings and AC units.

The smell of Chlorine can be masked with several additives, the chemical roof cleaning forum RCIA suggests adding Dawn dish soap, rubbing alcohol and pine oil among other things to help mask the smell of chlorine. These practices will make it difficult to know if toxic chemicals are being used on your property.

Read the U.S governments toxicology reports on chlorine and sodium hydroxide before you hire a contractor or visit the clean4life website and choose from their QA™ green certified roof cleaners.

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The QA "quality assurance" logo is a trademark of clean4life we are an authorized member of the clean4life program